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What is Coaching?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

As there are many coaches advertising out there, it can be difficult to figure out what a coach actually does. You have probably heard of life coaching, relationship coaching, executive leadership coaching, business coaching or career coaching. They all touch different areas of life, however they have one thing in common. They are about engaging in a thought-provoking partnership which brings you closer to your specific goal.

I am coming from a society which pretty much expects you to figure out everything by yourself. Be successful at relationships, parenting, work, your business and best if you figure it out early, e.g. in your twenties. And if you don’t, it is almost like you are supposed to be ashamed of it. It is a society that is ruled by comparisons, we are supposed to be successful in a certain pre-ordained way and if we are not, well, then there's just something wrong with us.

I don’t believe there is anything wrong in being ambitious and in wanting to achieve a quality life for oneself. Yes, that’s what we all want; not to worry about our finances and be more or less at ease in all different areas of our life. The myth is that it is easy to achieve and should come almost automatically. The thing is, it is not.

Think about it, how are we supposed to be able to achieve it all by ourselves? We are coming from different backgrounds, families and have seen different role models growing up. For some of us it will be easy to start our own business, for others it will be like navigating totally unknown waters. Same with relationships. Some of us will be very at ease with them from young adulthood whereas some of us will be totally terrified of them. It all depends on our background and the experience we accumulated along the way.

This is where coaching can come in handy. A coach is someone who is experienced in the area you are not that proficient in. A business coach will help you set your goals and run your business, a career coach will help you look at your strengths and choose the right career path for you more whereas a relationship will support you navigate and improve your relationships.

In a coaching relationship you typically meet with a coach weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on what works for you and each time you will be having deep meaningful conversations (in-person, on the phone or online). The coach will ask you questions relating to your current situation. They will keep you on track with your goals and challenge you if you need to be challenged.

It is work done in collaboration. It is a bit like having a friend who is very invested in your future, they will show you your strengths and your weaknesses and be honest and frank with you about the potential risks of where you are now and where you are heading. They will not judge you (like our friends tend to do) but rather gently point out the problems and help you navigate through them.

My focus in coaching is on authentic connection. Coming from a counselling background it is clear to me why relationships present such a challenge to many of us. They have been a challenge to myself for many years. I also know how much courage it takes to look critically at our own behaviors, to not to be overwhelmed by our emotions and to challenge ourselves to do things differently.

I enjoy coaching as it gives me an opportunity to help in an area I am very familiar with. I have seen my clients move from being lost, confused or hurt to a place of hope, openness and joy in connection with the other person. And that is something I wish for everyone, to live a life of joy, happiness and fulfillment through genuine connection with our close ones. So yes to coaching, highly recommend it!

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