Please see below some of the most common questions asked with regards to coaching and counselling. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

Both coaching and counselling are useful for self-development and can help you reach your goals. While coaching is more focused on discussing present events and what you would like to see in the future, counselling allows you to go back and analyse past events to see if there is anything holding you back from getting to where you want to be.

How do I know if I need coaching / counselling?

I truly believe anyone can benefit from coaching and counselling at any moment of their lives. I see coaching and counselling as an opportunity to have a non-judgemental conversation about what is bothering you and get more clear about where you are heading. While coaching is more focused on the past and future, in counselling we get to address the past events and anything which might be holding you back from achieving your current goals.

How does a session look like?

Sessions are conducted online using the secure software called zoom which ensures the highest level of security possible. An online session looks very much like an in-person session, only it is done from the comfort of your home. Once you book with me, you will receive an online link which will take you to the online session. Please make sure that you have your device ready (phone or computer), that you are in a safe environment free of distractions and interruptions, and that your space that is private and confidential.

What can I expect from coaching / counselling in general?

Both coaching and counselling are a personal exploration of what is bothering you and what you want to work on. I provide non-judgemental space where you can offload whatever is on your mind and together we will work towards you meeting your goals. I will be asking you questions in order to provoke thought and self-discovery. Please check the therapies tab for more information on the modalities that I might be drawing from.

Can I claim the session fees from my insurance company?

Some insurance providers will cover counselling but it will depend on your coverage. Please check with your insurance provider prior to booking, quoting my title (RPC-C), registration number (#4168) and professional body (CPCA).

How many sessions will I need?

It is difficult to predict how many sessions a person might need as it mostly depends on the nature of the problem they come with and the weight of their past experiences. In addition everyone progresses at their own pace. Perhaps just will need one or two coaching sessions to get clarity on your problem. If you decide you would like to go the counselling route, the average number of sessions I recommnend is 5 to 6 as it will give us space to get down to the root of the problem and also allow you practise new behaviours in between sessions.

How do I schedule and pay for a session?

To schedule a session please call me or submit the online form on the website. With regards to payment, at the moment I am accepting e-transfer only. The amount is payable at the end of the session. The 15-minute online consultation is free of charge.