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Poniżej znajdują się najczęściej zadawane pytania dotyczące coachingu. Kliknij na strzałkę po prawej, żeby pojawiła się odpowiedź.

  • What is the difference between coaching and counselling?
    Both coaching and counselling are useful for self-development and can help you reach your goals. While coaching is more focused on discussing present events and what you would like to see in the future, in counselling we go back and analyse past events to see if there is anything holding you back from getting to where you want to be.
  • How do I know if I need coaching and/or counselling?
    I truly believe anyone can benefit from coaching and counselling at any moment of their lives. I see coaching and counselling as an opportunity to have a non-judgemental conversation about what is on your mind and get more clear about where you are heading. While coaching is more focused on the past and future, in counselling we get to address the past events and anything which might be holding you back from achieving your current goals.
  • What can I expect from a session in general?
    Both coaching and counselling are a personal exploration of what is on your mind and in your heart. By use of non-judgmental space and gentle questioning I will be guiding you towards your goals and providing support where you are right now. Please check the therapies tab for more information on the modalities that I might be drawing from.
  • How do I connect for my session?
    Sessions are conducted online using the secure software called zoom and which ensures the highest level of security possible. An online session looks very much like an in-person session, only it is done from the comfort of your home. Once you book with me, you will receive an online link which will take you to the online session. Please make sure that you have your device ready (phone or computer), that you are in a safe environment free of distractions and interruptions, and that your space that is private and confidential.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    How many sessions a person might need differs greatly as it is mostly dependant on the nature of the problem and the weight of the person's past experiences. In addition everyone progresses at their own pace. Therefore it is difficult to say for certain. You might just need one or two coaching sessions to get clarity on your problem. For counselling I usually recommend preparing oneself for at least 5 to 6 sessions as it will give us space to get down to the root of the problem and also allow you practise new behaviours in between sessions.
  • How do I schedule and pay for a coaching session?
    Please click on the link on the services tab that will take you to my booking calendar. There you will be able to see my availability. and choose a time slot that works for you. Coaching sessions are payable in advance by credit card.
  • How do I schedule and pay for a counselling session?
    To schedule a session please submit the online form on the website. With regards to payment, at the moment I am accepting e-transfer only. The amount is payable at the end of the session. The 15-minute online consultation is free of charge.
  • Can I claim the session fees from my insurance company?
    If you are employed in Canada you can generally claim your counselling fees from your insurance provider. However, it will depend on your coverage and on your plan. Please check with your insurance provider prior to booking, quoting my title (Registered Professional Counsellor), registration number (#4168) and professional body (CPCA: Canadian Professional Counsellors Association).
  • How are the coaching sessions structured?
    During our session we check progress towards our goal. We discuss what happened since our last session, what was useful, what wasn’t. I often give my clients homework (e.g. a new behavior to practice). We discuss how it went together with any new developments concerning the goal.
  • How often do you meet with clients?
    I usually meet with clients on a weekly/ bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on their needs. Saying that, I understand that at times things can get rocky and when a client needs an additional session, I am happy to meet them more often.
  • I have never done coaching or counselling before and I don't know what to expect.
    I totally understand that if you never went through coaching or counselling before, it can feel a little uncomfortable at first to be opening up about your personal issues to someone you don't know. I truly believe the best way is to simply schedule a consultation and see how you feel in the situation. During the 15 minutes you will get an idea of how the coaching / counselling relationship looks like and you can decide yourself on the way forward. If you feel it isn't the right fit for you, you are by no means obligated to continue.
  • If I am signing up for coaching, will I need to talk about my past?
    Coaching is mostly focused on the present and the future. However, if there is a constant block from the past coming up which concerns your present behavior, we might need to explore the past situation in order to gain more clarity on how it is affecting you today.
  • When can I expect things to be different in my life?
    A word of caution, the coaching process, similarly to counselling, doesn't produce instant change. I do not possess a magic wand which I can wave in order to make your problem disappear. I can however shed light on issues you might not be aware of and help you see options which weren't available to your earlier. It will be up to you to do things differently. Change takes time, effort and commitment and that is something to be aware of while embarking on a self-development journey.
  • I want to try it out! How do I begin?
    I offer a free 15 minute consultation in which you can have a feel of what a coaching relationship looks like, ask any questions you might have and decide what kind of commitment works for you. Please click on the link in the services section to schedule a free consultation through the booking system.
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