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Coaching and Counselling

Transform your life through healing your relationships

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I am a relationships coach and counsellor, with the main focus of my work being authenticity in relationships. I work both with individuals and couples who want to enjoy a more purposeful and fulfilling life through the improvement of their relationships, be it with their partner, family, friends or coworkers.

Through my own struggles with vulnerability I learned that in order to connect truly you need to be able to let go of the mask, risk opening up and have the courage to write a new story.


If you are desiring a change but cannot seem to make it happen, I can help you understand yourself more, find your voice and communicate more freely and effectively so that you can solve disagreements in healthy ways and make your relationships stronger and more fulfilling.

Holding Hands

Relationships contribute immensely to our mental health. We are wired for connection. Yet, as anyone knows, there can can be extremely stressful and put us out of balance, especially when strong emotions overcome us.

Although we often wish to, we simply cannot mould others into who we want them to be. Pretending to be someone else only takes us thus far. It is only by being authentic that we give ourselves the best chance to have the best, most fulfilling relationships.

If you are currently struggling in your relationship, you keep having the same arguments and it feels like you are stuck in a cycle getting nowhere, talking about it with a trained professional might just be the next step for you.

I offer confidential space to explore how to stay authentic in your relationships, be able to get your needs met while at the same time be able to distinguish between what is helpful for you and what is not.


If you feel like you need some clarity with regards to your relationships and would appreciate some guidance, do not hesitate to book a free 15-minute consultation today.

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Free Consultation
a free consultation online

15 min
Relationships Coaching Session
a one on one coaching session focusing on your relationships

50 min
EUR 75

Counselling Session
a one on one online counselling session

50 min
CAD 100

Couples Counselling Session
a online couples counselling session

60 min
CAD 120


Relationships, if only they were so easy.. 

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