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Coaching and Counselling
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I am a certified wellness coach and registered counsellor, with the main focus of my

work being authenticity in relationships. I help adults struggling with self-esteem, relationships, depression, anxiety and life transitions create a lasting change towards a more joyous and fulfilled life.

Through my own struggles with vulnerability I learned that in order to connect truly you need to be able to let go of the mask, risk opening up and have the courage to write a new story.


If you are desiring a change but cannot seem to make it happen, I can help you find your voice, understand and love yourself more. I can also help you communicate freely and more confidently so that you can develop meaningful relationships and bring more joy and purpose into your life.


Relationships, if only they were so easy.. 

Healthy relationships contribute immensely to our mental health. We are wired for connection. Yet, as anyone knows, there can can be extremely stressful and put us out of balance, especially when strong emotions overcome us.

How to achieve healthy balanced relationships without compromising own values? Sometimes it feels impossible and we would rather walk away than work on ourselves or our relationships.

I offer confidential space to explore how to stay authentic in your relationships, get your needs met while at the same time be able to distinguish between what is helpful for you and what is not. If you feel like you need some clarity with regards to your relationships and would appreciate some guidance from a trained professional, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Holding Hands
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